On the Wing by David Elliott illustrated by Becca Stadtlander

On the Wing by David Elliott and illustrated by Becca Stadtlander is enchanting and absorbing, an ideal book for introducing young readers to poetry as well as the world of birds.

Becca Stadtlander's illustrations are magnificent. The birds are presented with a realistic crispness while the backgrounds take on a more painterly feel that invites your imagination to wander and wonder about the bird in the poem. Elliott's poems are equally well matched with the subject. The hummingbird's poem flits all over the page.

The words of the flamingo's poem are energetic and explosive, like  the flamboyance of flamingoes taking flight in the illustration.

The Japanese Crane captures the graceful movements of these elegant birds with words and images.

Elliott's poetic prowess shines in The Cardinal where he compares the male and female to a song and in The Bald Eagle where he notes that the bald eagle doesn't know the term, "bird of prey / though he circles like a prayer // on the rising columns / of the shining, / sun-warmed air." This vivid, thoughtful image ends On the Wing powerfully and perfectly.

Source: Review Copy

My great-grandmothers both had collections of tea cups that have been passed down to my mother. Ever since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by china teacups and the delicate, ornate  decorations they display. With that in mind, I just had to share this image from Becca Stadtlander website.

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