Stick and Stone by Beth Ferry, illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld

Stick and Stone is a gently rhyming book about friendship with some great word play written by Beth Ferry, hedgehog owner and debut picture book author, and illustrated by the fantastic Tom Lichtenheld.

At the start of the book, Stick and Stone are lonely and alone, "A zero. A one." That changes one day at the playground when Pinecone comes along and makes fun of Stone. Stick sticks up for Stone. Ferry weaves little laughs like this throughout Stick and Stone with Lichtenheld matching the laughs with visual puns, and sometimes going beyond. Lichtenheld adds marvelous details, like the pair at the seashore, Stick holding a shell to Stone's "ear."

One day a storm separates the friends and Stone is alone again. This time it is Stone's turn to rescue a friend, and the reunion of the two is priceless, especially the addition of Pinecone who says to Stone, "Sorry I needled you so much . . ." 

Be sure not to miss the endpapers for Stick and Stone that show us where these indomitable friends began their journeys!

Source: Review Copy

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