WHOSE TOOLS? by Toni Buzzeo & Jim Datz

Whose Tools? by Toni Buzzeo and Jim Datz is flat-out brilliant. A large-sized board book, each page uses rhyming riddles to ask the question, "Whose tools are those?" The right hand page opens to answer the question, showing a spread of workers using the tools in question. There are 24 tools in all - many more than you may even know the names of yourself. And, the people using the tools are as diverse as the tools themselves. 

There are masons, electricians, roofers, plumbers and painters at work and, of course, carpenters. Kids will be delighted just turning the pages and watching the tools at work. Older readers will like enjoy the guessing game and pointing out the tools on each page. 

Datz's illustrations are brightly detailed and the eyes on the tools add a friendly playfulness to the page. The retro style and the action add a Richard Scarry-esque feel to Whose Tools?, which I especially love. Even better? This dynamic duo will be teaming up again for another book, Whose Truck?!

Coming in September of 2015!

If you have a kiddo at home who can't get enough of tools, be sure not to miss this picture book:

TOOLS RULE! by Aaron Meshon

Toni Buzzeo's Newbery Honor winning book:

One Cool Friend illustrated by David Small

Source: Review Copy

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