Whose Shoe? by Eve Bunting, illustrated by Sergio Ruzzier

Whose Shoe? is the newest picture book from Eve Bunting with illustrations by Sergio Ruzzier. Bunting, who was born in 1928, is the author of over 250 books and her range is impressive. In her picture books and fiction, she has written about the Los Angeles Riots, a homeless father and son living in an airport, the Vietnam Memorial and the immigrant experience. She can also write an entertaining rhyming book that, when paired with Ruzzier's illustrations, is really fun to read.

When Mouse finds a shoe in the bamboo the little rodent thinks, "Finders keepers? That's not true. I'll find the owner of this shoe," and the hunt begins.

Across a purple, green and yellow landscape, Mouse hunts for the owner. It's too small for Tiger and too big for Spider, who compliments Mouse's manners. The shoe is useless to a bird and too confining for Hippo, who hates to get mud between his toes. Elephant happens to have a thing for shoes, telling Mouse, "high heels make my ankles trim. / They make my legs look really slim." Finally, Mouse finds the shoe's owner, who admits to having given the shoe a "hearty toss" because it hurt. Not wanting the shoe back, Mouse finds the perfect thing to do with it, saying, 

Who says that hoes are just for feet?
I'm glad my search is now complete.
The stars are shining overhead  . . .
I'm happy in my king-size bed!

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Source: Review Copy

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