Digby O'Day and the Great Diamond Robbery by Shirley Hughes and Clara Vulliamy,

Last year I was completely smitten by Digby O'Day: In the Fast Lane by the mother and daughter team of Shirley Hughes, a grand dame of children's literature in the UK, and the equally talented Clara Vulliamy. In the first book, we met Digby, who loves nothing more than to drive his beloved (but old) car with his pal Percy in the passenger's seat. We even find out what Digby's favorite color and favorite biscuit are. We also see Digby and Percy compete in the all day race from the village of Didsworth to the village of Dodsworth. The only thorn in Digby's side is his neighbor, Lou Ella, who buys a new pink car every year and flaunts it.

In Digby O'Day and the Great Diamond Robbery, the friends are trying to vacation at the seaside in the Hotel Splendide, but the arrival of pop star Peaches Meow and her entourage makes that challenging.

While walking along the jetty to get away from the commotion back at the hotel, Digby and Percy see a man struggling in the waves. They risk their lives to rescue him and he rewards them kindly. Mr. Canteloe, the man they rescued, lives just across the bay and invites the friends to lunch. Afterward, he shows them around his house, including a secret passage to a cave in the cliffs that was once used by smugglers. When Peaches Meow's diamond necklace goes missing, Digby has an idea of where he might find it...

As with Digby O'Day: In the Fast LaneDigby O'Day and the Great Diamond Robbery ends just like it began - with all sorts of extra goodies. Meet the Authors, a mysterious maze and a Digby O'Day quiz will entertain readers further. As a bonus, readers get to read the first chapter of the next book in the series, Digby O'Day: Up, Up and Away!! 

Clara Vulliamy does not limit her talents to creating books - she also makes felted dolls! Last summer she took Dixie (as he is called in the UK) and Percy to the seaside. Be sure to visit the Dixie O'Day website for more creativity and activities. Clara has recently creatd a felted tapir named Bambang who recently took a stroll through a model town! I hope there is a book about Bambang in the works because I love tapirs and have never seen a kid's book with one as the main character!!

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