Mrs. Noodlekugel and Four Blind Mice AND Mrs. Noodlekugel and Drooly Bear by Daniel Pinkwater, illustrated by Adam Stower, 89 pp, RL 1.5

Way back in 2012, I reviewed the first in a new series of books that I was VERY excited about, Mrs. Noodlekugel, written by Daniel Pinkwater and illustrated by Adam Stower. Book three, Mrs. Noodlekugel and the Drooly Bear came out earlier this year and it seemed like the perfect time to call this series to your attention again or for the first time!

Mrs. Noodlekugel is could be Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's sister and Dr. Doolittle's distant cousin. She lives in a little, hidden cottage which can be reached by way of the boiler room of the high rise apartment building siblings Nick and Maxine have moved into. Mrs. Noodlekugel shares her abode with Mr. Fuzzface, a talking cat who did not speak a word of English when she met  him while working on the railroad, and the Four Farsighted Mice. Nick and Maxine are thrilled to learn that Mrs. Noodlekugel will be their occasional babysitter.

In book 2, Mrs. Noodlekugel and Four Blind Mice, Mrs. Noodlekugel so tired of cleaning up the crumbs, she decides it's time to get the mice fitted out with glasses. Nick and Maxine join the crew for the bus ride downtown. The mice travel on Mrs. Noodlekugel's fancy hat, seatbelted in by elastic bands, and Mr. Fuzzface, with much protestation, rides in a cat carrier. During the bus ride, Mr. Fuzzface tells the children about his career as a railroad cat, following in the footsteps of his father, Oldface. Sadly, Oldface disappeared one night, leaving Momface to raise seven kittens all by herself! The mice get their glasses and the troupe decides to refuel at Dirty Sally's Lunchroom where they are waited on by a monkey with signs. The mice overeat and, in a sugar rush, run out of the diner leaving rest to chase after them. They find them in an alley with a crusty old cat who speaks strangely. Could he be Oldface?

Mrs. Noodlekugel and the Drooly Bear Nick and Maxine get to spend the night at Mrs. Noodlekugel's when their father has to travel to compete in a speed-knitting competition. In the morning, they are surprised to meet the long-lost at sea Captain Noodlekugle. With the Captain comes a bear named Drooly that he is training for the circus. The only problem is that Drooly seems to topple over and fall fast asleep anytime the Captain tries to teach him something. When Drooly goes missing, it's all hands on deck to find the lumbering bear! Pinkwater ends this third book with Maxine saying, "It is interesting staying with Mrs. Noodlekugel, " to which Nick replies, "Yes, it is. I wonder what will happen tomorrow?" And I wonder what will happen in Book 4?

Source: Review Copies

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