Happy Halloween, Witch's Cat by Harriet Muncaster

Last year I reviewed Harriet Muncaster's enchanting picture book, I Am a Witch's Cat, in which our narrator has a unique perspective on her world, one that allows her to see everything as a magical experience. Equally magical are Muncaster's illustrations, which are 3D sets made from paper and other materials that she photographs. The combination of the story and the illustrations is perfect!

In Happy Halloween, Witch's Cat! the narrator tells us that Halloween is coming.

Preparations are made. A costume needs to be chosen! At the costume store, the little Witch's Cat tries on lots of costumes but something is always wrong - too slimy, too frilly, too tangly. Nothing feels right so they head home for supper then prepare for the Halloween party that night. Just in time, the narrator has the perfect idea - she will be a witch and her mom will be a special witch's cat!

The story in Happy Halloween, Witch's Cat! is a simple one, but there is so much going on in the detailed illustrations, readers will pore over every page.

Be sure to visit Harriet Muncaster's blog, Victoria Stitch where she shares the creation process, from sketches to set building, along with Celestine, a fairy doll that Muncaster has been dressing, creating props for and taking pictures of all over the world for at least the last three years!

Source: Review Copy

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