Fable Comics Edited by Chris Duffy

Fable Comics, edited by Chris Duffy, is the third and possibly my favorite comic anthology from the fine people at First SecondNursery Rhyme Comics came first, followed by Fairy Tale Comics. As always, I need to begin by mentioning favorites contributors (reviewed on this blog) to Fable Comics like James Kochalka, George O'Connor, Charise Harper, Eleanor Davis, Maris Wicks, and Vera Brosgol.

One thing I love about all three of the books Duffy has edited are the international tales, fables and rhymes that he includes in each book. While many of the fables in Fable Comics are Aesop's, Angola, India and the work of American author Ambrose Bierce and Russian satirist Ivan Krilof are included. As Duffy's editor's note tells us, "A fable is a story with a lesson, usually - not always - starring animals. The lesson can be stated or it can be something to figure out. But they are, in essence, bossy stories with a message for you." This has to be one of the best characterizations ever. He also notes that the cartoonists were allowed to "embellish the stories (as they like to do)" but he made sure that the integral lesson of the fable remained. These embellishments, along with a glorious variety of illustration style, is what make all three of the books in this series so much fun to read over and over. If you don't own any of these collections, Fable Comics is a great place to start. If you already own Nursery Rhyme Comics and or Fairy Tale Comics, then this new book is a must!

The other two excellent books in this series:

Nursery Rhyme Comics

 Fairy Tale Comics

Source: Review Copy

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