Hi! A Rhyming Animal Sounds Book by Ethan Long

Hi! A Rhyming Animals Sounds Book by prolific illustrator and author Ethan Long is brilliant! A companion to Good Night! A Bedtime Animal Sounds BookHi! A Rhyming Animals Sounds Book is completely, simply engaging. After all, after getting a few words under the belt like "mama" and "dada," most kids learn a few animal sounds like "woof" and "moo." Hi! A Rhyming Animals Sounds Book capitalizes on this with very fun two page spreads where animals greet each other with their trademark sounds, which just happen to rhyme.

Long includes classic animals and their sounds, like a cat, a dog and a cow in Hi! A Rhyming Animals Sounds Book but he also throws in the less conventional yak, polar bear and pigeon. His brightly colored illustrations are filled with fun and movement and I have no doubt little listeners will enjoy repeating the sounds the animals make.

Just a few more books by Ethan Long:

Source: Review Copy

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