How to Swallow a Pig: Step-By-Step Advice from the Animal Kingdom by Steve Jenkins & Robin Page

I don't know how Steve Jenkins & Robin Page make book after book visually stunning book that is educational and completely engaging. How to Swallow a Pig: Step-By-Step Advice from the Animal Kingdom shows readers how animals do everything from sew, dance, farm and decorate to trap fish, crack a nut and woo an ewe. And, of course, saving the most sensational for last, how to swallow a pig.

One thing that Jenkins and Page excel at, beyond Jenkins's fantastic cut-and-tear collage illustrations, is keeping things simple. Most instructions have five or fewer  steps, although learning how to spin a web takes seven. Jenkins and Page are also great at finding lesser known animals to feature. The satin bowerbird who likes to decorate his nest with blue objects and the mimic octopus are among the many intriguing animals with curious behaviors. And, as always, the backmatter in every Jenkins & Page book is almost as interesting as the book itself.

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Source: Review Copy

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