Too Many Toys by Heidi Deedman

I love a picture book about toys, especially when there are toys I recognize in the illustrations. In her debut book, Too Many Toys,  Heidi Deedman pairs charming, retro style illustrations with an equally sweet story that is jam packed with pages of toys that readers will pore over. 

The plot ofToo Many Toys is simple but timeless. When Lulu was a baby, she was given a "very special one -and-only-toy - a lovely fluffy teddy bear" that she named Jupiter. However,  as  any parent will recognize, between birthdays, other kid's birthday parties, holidays and Happy Meals,  toys just seems to exponentially  multiply as kids get older.

Soon, Lulu is overwhelmed and Jupiter is frustrated. Together, the two come up with a plan that readers will enjoy seeing put into action.  By the end of Too Many Toys it's just Lulu and Jupiter again, but, don't worry. Another gift giving occasion is just around the corner...

Too Many Toys is a solid debut. Deedman's illustration style is unique and she is a fine storyteller. I can't wait to see what she does next!

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