Pirate Adventure Dice and Space Travel Dice by Hannah Waldron, ALL AGES

In 2013 I reviewed Magic & Fairy-Tale Dice. Hannah Waldron's engaging illustrations and the clever game format made these dice an instant hit at home and in my school library. I am so excited to be reviewing two new sets of dice, Pirate Adventure Dice and Space Travel Dice.

Like the Magic & Fairy Tale Dice, the Pirate Adventure and Space Travel Dice come with a booklet that includes the picture list, just in case you aren't entirely sure what an image may connote, rules and varieties of play. Out of the 54 images on the dice in each set, six are printed in red are represent Super Powers appropriate to each theme. These six Super Powers are on a special die that gets thrown when the red swirl is rolls and indicative of the creativity that has gone into these fantastic games. In the the Pirate Adventure set, Super Powers include time travel, talking to animals and a magnetic body. In the Space Travel Dice set Super Powers include anti-gravitational force, duplication, elastic body and x-ray vision, among others. Very fun stuff, and this is on top of the regular pictures! The possibilities are endless and these dice are guaranteed to keep one kid or a group of kids busy for an impressive chunk of time. The pocket size box also makes these games perfect for long car, plane, train, boat or hovercraft rides.

These three fantastic story telling dice sets are brought to you by Laurence King, a London based house that publishes beautifully designed, inventive, authoritative books for students, professionals and the general consumer on advertising, art, fashion, textiles, animation, graphic design, interior design, photography and product design. In 2011 Laurence King Publishing launched a line of gift and children's books that reflects the design and production skills of their books for adults as well as the creative range of their line of technical art books. These days, Laurence King is best known as the publisher of the bestselling coloring books by Johanna Basford, Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book and Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest and Coloring Book, among others.

Source: Review Copies

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