Who Done It? by Olivier Tallec

Olivier Tallec has published over sixty children's books in his native France and a handful of them, like the brilliant Waterloo and Trafalgar, have made it across the Atlantic. Happily, his very creative and stealthily hilarious Who Done It? has been published here. The book, which is almost 12 inches tall and only 6 inches wide, needs to be turned horizontally to be read. Each two page spread asks a questions then provides a line up of possible suspects.

Who played with the mean cat? That one is pretty easy to spot. So is the question, Who ate all the jam? Nevertheless, it is fun to pore over the perps. Who didn't get enough sleep? Who forgot a swimsuit? and Who is shy about dancing? are a bit more subtle and require some closer looking. Even when you spot who done it, it's still fun to keep looking at the animals and kids on the page - there is always something to see. My favorite in Who Done It? - Who couldn't hold it?

Source: Review Copy


Judy said…
This year I am working as a volunteer with small groups of kindergarteners on speaking and listening skills. I think this book would be perfect to use in this setting. Thanks for the review! And a big thank you for the time you put into your blog all year long.
Tanya said…
Judy - Thanks so much for your kind words - and for the great idea on how to use WHO DONE IT? I went to a teacher's conference in October where I learned about Story Telling / Story Acting, an educational method developed by Vivian Paley that was piloted in Boston schools. I have tried it with first graders in my library and it is amazing. Very fun and fantastic for speaking and listening skills. If the link doesn't work, search using "Vivian Paley Story telling"


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