The Bunny Burrow Buyer's Book: A Tale of Rabbit Real Estate by Steve Light

How lucky can I be? Two new picture books from Steve Light we are just heading into the third month of 2016 and both are absolutely fantastic. Swap! is a fine story of a young friend and an old sea dog trading up. Starting with a button, the two manage to turn a rundown vessel into a ship shape, seafaring sensation. With The Bunny Burrow Buyer's Book: A Tale of Rabbit Real Estate, Light delivers a book with a smaller trim size but so much more on the inside. Every page has a hinged flap with a peephole cut into it, revealing the outside and inside of each of the potential homes Mr. and Mrs. Bunny have circled in the newspaper (the Daily Carrot classified section, which is an intriguing read on its own) endpapers that start the story.

Gregory and Petunia Bunny are looking for a new home. Their family is growing and they need a bigger burrow. Also, their neighbors, the fairies, are quite loud. The descriptions in the classifieds sound perfect on paper, but a visit to each dwelling proves less than perfect. A visit to each also reveals a different mythical or fairy tale creature, from Pegasus, an ogre and a dragon to a griffin and a sea monster. 

Unifying the book is a thick, black swath, rolling from page to page, serving as a path winding through the Bunny's neighborhood. Light's characteristic black and white illustrations, packed with details, are washed with bursts of a dusty pink in this book. In the very satisfying final two page spread, we see a beautiful oak tree with enormous acorns hanging from it. The gatefolds open to reveal the cozy new home that is just right for their family and filled with books, games, bunk beds and, of course, bunnies!

Source: Review Copy

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