Brian Bigg's Tinyville Town Gets to Work! by Brian Biggs

I grew up with Richard Scary books and by the time I had kids, Scary's Busy Town was being marketed in all forms, television, computer games, toys, clothes and backpacks. The details in every illustration, the humor and the the way that Scary never talked down to his young audience made me a lifelong devotee of his work. And, while there has never been and probably never will be another Richard Scary, I always appreciate any attempt to come close to his unique, marvelous contribution to the world of picture books. And, as someone who has been on the lookout for decades, I can tell you that Brian Biggs comes the closest to the magic of Richard Scary as any author-illustrator I've encountered. A few years back, Biggs created the delightful transportation filled Everything Goes trilogy with accompanying board books. Now Biggs is doing the same for towns and workers with a new series that kicks off with Tinyville Town Gets to Work! Like the Everything Goes books, companion board books give you even more to love about these books.

In Tinyville Town Gets to Work Biggs sets the stage and introduces the cast of characters with a clever plot problem: the bus isn't coming to the Mayor's stop, the trash collectors can't pick up the trash and there are no donuts at the bakery. But why? There is a traffic jam on the bridge! The old Tinyville Town Bridge is just too small for all the inhabitants of Tinyville. The city planner, the engineer and the mayor get busy planning a new bridge, ensuring plenty of construction vehicles, from bulldozers to steamrollers. The grand opening of the bridge is a festive celebration, leaving readers wanting to know more about the inhabitants of of this busy town.

Tinyville Town board books:

And coming soon!

Greetings from Tinyville Town from Brian Biggs on Vimeo.

Fans of Richard Scary should not miss the EVERYTHING GOES series by Brian Biggs!

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