Hello Nature: Draw, Color, Make and Grow by Nina Chakrabarti

Hello Nature: Draw, Color, Make and Grow by Nina Chakrabarti is an absolutely amazing new hybrid of activity book - a coloring, doodle, craft, science, botany book that will get your kids off their screens and outside exploring, thinking , collecting and making. And, because Hello Nature is published by Laurence King, a repsected publisher of books on all aspects of the art world, from advertising and architecture to art, fashion, textiles, film and animation, interior design, and photography. Their books are acclaimed for their inventiveness, beautiful design and authoritative texts, as well as the care taken over their production and Hello Nature is a perfect example of this!

While Chakrabati's illustrations and activities speak for themselves, having perused all 224 pages of Hello Nature, I can tell you that this cleverly designed book is so much more than an activity book. Users are encouraged to observe the patterns and designs found in nature, guided by Chakrabarti's marvelously engaging patterns and designs.

Readers are asked to color and finish off an illustration, like adding wings to dragonflies, birds to telephone pole wires and creatures to underground dwellings, or design something entirely new. There are also educational close-ups of the rings in a tree and the anatomy of flowers, mushrooms, feathers and birds as well as and recipes for botanical treats like rose petal perfume, and instructions on how to make a daisy chain, a grass whistle, a bird feeder from a soda bottle, grow an avocado tree from a pit, a herbarium and a fernarium.

Hello Nature takes users through the seasons. Starting with a quote from Rachel Carson encouraging appreciation of the world around you and ends with a quote from astronaut Yuri Gagarin about appreciating the beauty of earth from outer space and endeavoring to increase it, not destroy it. Chakrabati takes a similar view, starting with a view of the earth and a page asking the user to draw her or himself as they are right now.

Hello Nature: Draw, Color, Make and Grow by Nina Chakrabarti is an amazing book that is going to keep someone special busy through all four seasons. Give as a gift and get one for yourself!

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Source: Review Copy

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