Hocus Focus by James Sturm, Andrew Arnold and Alexis Frederick-Frost, 40pp, RL 1.5

Hocus Focus is the fourth in a series of  high interest graphic novels that are perfect for emerging readers and a spinoff of the fantastically funny Adventures in Cartooning series, all of which are by James Sturm, Andrew Arnold and Alexis Frederick-Frost. As always, the endpapers offer drawing lessons for the characters in the story, including the stars, The Knight and his horse, Edward. In Hocus Focus, we find The Knight getting a lesson in magical potions and spells from the Wizard and his phoenix. As usual, The Knight is impatient and impulsive and very unhappy about the amount of turnips, which make Edward sick, that he has to peel before getting on to the serious stuff.

Foolishly, the Wizard leaves The Knight to stew in his bad attitude while he finishes peeling the huge pile of turnips. Of course The Knight and Edward take the opportunity to get into some serious and seriously funny trouble. . .

The Knight & Edward Series

 Source: Review Copy

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