National Geographic Kids Science Encyclopedia: Atom Smashing, Food Chemistry, Animals, Space and More! 304pp, RL 4

National Geographic Kids offers up another great encyclopedia, this time with an update on the science encyclopedia. While it may be getting harder to compete with screens, one thing that National Geographic Kids does well in their books is curating a collection of facts that are sure to grab the interest of any kids, particularly when they are presented in the highly visual format that allows readers to pick and choose, making this a book kids will return to often. 

National Geographic Kids Science Encyclopedia breaks down the world of science into two parts, Physical Science and Life Science, with a great opener that gives readers context for what they are about to dive into. Some pages focus entirely on one subject while others are broken into chunks of information. The writing is engaging, and the factoids are fascinating. Each chapter includes info chunks with titles like "Word Check," "Personality Plus," and "Geek Streak," that focus on word definition and etymology, important names from the world of science and interesting tidbits like the way that scientists named quarks or the fact that, of the 40 missions to or toward Mars that have been launched, almost all have failed.

A meticulous glossary and index close out this book, along with a "Find Out More" page where readers can find books, websites, films and shows to further feed their interest in the world of science. The National Geographic Kids Science Encyclopedia is the kind of book you should have sitting somewhere in your house where it can be picked up and perused during a few minutes of downtime. I guarantee that minutes will turn into hours, there is so much to explore and enjoy in this book!

Source: Review Copy

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