Masha and Her Sisters by Suzy Ultman

Great design is an essential part of a great picture book, especially a board book, which makes Suzy Ultman  perfect for this job! Her work can be found on notecards, stickers, coffee mugs, toys and, naturally, nesting dolls. I love nesting dolls and am fascinated by the many themes and designs they can embody. My favorite is a set with the wolf as the biggest doll with the three pigs nesting inside. With the exciting changes board books have undergone in the last few years, Ultman and her nesting dolls are the ideal fit for this format. Masha and Her Sisters is beautiful and engaging in every way. Visually, Ultman's palette is a mix of bold reds and blues and soft pink, aqua, yellow and grey. The die-cut format of Masha and Her Sisters allows the book to unfold in a way similar to the unpacking of a nesting doll. Each sister has a different quality, which is depicted on her body - both front and back. The tiniest sister, Natasha, is a storyteller with books, pens, ink and glasses decorating her body. The other sisters are performers, chefs, collectors and nature lovers. Different and the same, Masha and her sisters are sure to delight little readers!

Source: Review Copy

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