The Doodle Book of Feel Good by Charice Mericle Harper

The coloring and doodle craze never really grabbed me, but, working with kids, I am continually surprised by how much they love to draw and color. I bowed and gave them what they wanted, printing out countless coloring pages (mostly Shopkins and Minecraft) and watched them speed through the process of filling in the picture. Then, while enjoying a Cosmic Kids Zen Den (guided mindfulness meditation) with my students, Ms. Jamie (if you have and/or work with kids and don't know this amazing website, I highly recommend it) was suggesting activities to help kids learnt o focus, and coloring a detailed picture was one of them. And I lightbulb went off. Happily, around the same time, The Doodle Book of Feel Good by Charice Mericle Harper appeared. Not only are Harper's doodles characteristically quirky, detailed and adorable, Harper has included thoughtful, empowering, inspirational and celebratory sayings in each doodle. Not only does The Doodle Book of Feel Good allow me to give my students a coloring page that will hold their attention for longer than five minutes, but I am thrilled to know they are taking away positive thoughts like, "Courage is my super cape," "Starting is the hard part," and, "Easy happens after the hard part." I also love the pages that say, "Different is the part that's interesting," "You can say No Thank You," "Opinion is someone else's thinking," and, "You don't have to like everyone." There are also less philosophical messages that are worth spreading like, "Do it for you!" "Happy is the best flavor," "One can be enough," and "Sometimes it's nice to be alone." If you only buy one doodle coloring book, for yourself or for children, The Doodle Book of Feel Good is the one to buy!

Source: Review Copy

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