A Good Day for a Hat by T. Nat Fuller, illustrated by Rob Hodgson

A Good Day for a Hat by T. Nat Fuller and illustrated by Rob Hodgson is SUCH a fun book. I hope that doesn't sound like faint praise. Not every book is fun to read out loud or fun to listen to, but A Good Day for a Hat is definitely both. There is just something about a hat and a picture book... In fact, I compiled a small selection of hat picture books I have reviewed and a few other popular hat picture books.

A Good Day for a Hat begins with Mr. Brown who, as he is leaving his house determines, "This is a good day for a hat," donning a lovely purple bowler with a flower in the brim. But, when he steps outside . . .
Every time Mr. Brown steps outside, something calls for a new hat. And, Mr. Brown seems to have a hat for every occasion, from snow to a parade to a flock of magical white rabbits loose on his lawn. In fact, if you look closely (and this is such a great addition to ANY picture book, the hidden character on each page) readers might notice a white rabbit with a magician's wand on each page. In fact, A Good Day for a Hat does another thing I love, and the bookcase is different from the dust jacket, featuring more of those magic rabbits.
Honestly, I could have read on through many more hat changes from Mr. Brown but, he is late for a visit to Miss. Plum's and, wanting to be prepared for anything, leaves the house Bartholomew Cubbins style, with all his hats on his head. When he gets to Miss Plum's he has a surprise - and a new hat - waiting for him! A Good Day for a Hat is one of those books that makes writing picture books seem effortlessly easy. But, believe me, writing a gem like this is anything but easy and finding an illustrator as talented as Rod Hodgson to bring it to life so perfectly is no small task either. A Good Day for a Hat is a MUST HAVE for any little listener. If you're giving it as a gift, be sure to give a hat or two to go with it!

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