So Many Feet by Nichole Mara, illustrated by Alexander Vidal

So Many Feet by Nichole Mara, illustrated by Alexander Vidal is a standout board book that takes an interesting angle on the usual animal book for children. Vidal's bright, bold illustrations of animals are sure to grab little reader's interest, while Mara's text describes their feet and the special features that give each animal different abilities.

From the ostrich, with his "Fast Feet," and two strong toes that allow him to run fast to the "Snow Feet" of the polar bear that spread wide, keeping him from sinking in the snow, Mara shares interesting facts in simple language that toddlers will understand.

Mara and Vidal end So Many Feet with a two page spread showing all the featured animals in one place. The texts asks readers, "Can you feet jump, walk, and creep? Can they dance? Can they hang? Can they stick? Can they dig and scratch?" and more, ending with the question, "What can your feet do?" So Many Feet is sure to fascinate and spark more questions about animals and feet.

Source: Review Copy

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