The Prince and the Porker by Peter Bently, illustrated by David Roberts

The Prince and the Porker by Peter Bently and David Roberts is a perfectly rhyming, deliciously illustrated take on Twain's The Prince and the Pauper. However, instead of poverty, this non-royal comes from the pen, the pig pen. As always, Roberts's illustrations are filled with details, from patterns and prints to gowns and garlands, to chaise lounges and china bowls, telling their own stories. Keep your eye out for the white mouse that pops up on every page! The Prince and the Porker also is a marvelously designed book with a bookcase and endpapers that are a must-see.

Pignatius was, "passing the palace one day when he saw ten fresh buns left to cool on a tray." He tries to eat just one, but soon crumbs are all that's left on the tray. Things spiral from there, as Ignatius cannot curtail his appetites. Fleeing through the castle, he finds himself in the Prince's chambers where he quickly slips into disguise and is surprised to find that, when the wig goes on, he is a dead ringer for the Prince!

Pignatius takes full advantage of the moment, ordering up enough amazing bakes to make The Great British Bake Off look like a preschool bake sale. Next, the mischievous Pignatius decides to have some fun with the guard, sending them cartwheeling, galloping, leaping and hopping like frogs. He explodes the head gardener's prize pumpkin (startling two duchesses) then heads inside to munch fancy mints from a Ming dynasty bowl until he comes face to face with the Prince! Realizing there might be some benefits to having a double, the Prince and Pignatius strike up a mutually beneficial deal, allowing Pignatius all the delicacies his heart desires as long as he poses as the Prince every Thursday at tea time. That's when Aunt Alice visits...

Peter Bently and David Roberts have many fantastic picture books they have created, all of which are superbly illustrated and wonderfully rhyming. 

Source: Review Copy

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