Skyfishing by Gideon Sterer, pictures by Poly Bernatene

Skyfishing by Gideon Sterer is a story of imagination, magnificently illustrated by Poly Bernatene. What makes Skyfishing truly special is the grandfather-granddaughter relationship that evolves as the story unfolds. 
Narrated by the granddaughter, Skyfishing begins at a cabin by a lake where Grandpa is packed and ready to move. Grandpa brings every one of his fishing poles, but there is nowhere to fish in his new home. His granddaughter tries to entertain and distract him as fall turns to winter, but nothing works. When spring comes, an idea blossoms. The two head out onto the fire escape with fishing rods and they catch . . . a "Flying Litterfish."

Grandpa shares the rules for fishing and soon the pair are reeling in all sorts of "fish," from "Laundry Eels" to "Chimefish." They move on to bigger challenges in deeper waters, challenges that require, "patience, practice, and study." The city becomes their ocean and they decide to seek the biggest fish out there, but it gets away. Sad but hopeful, they pack their poles. Until summer vacation!
The final page of Skyfishing show a smiling snapshot of grandfather and granddaughter out on the lake, fishing. Skyfishing is rare for the portrayal of a grandparent-grandchild relationship, especially one where adjustment  and imagination are key elements. And, as with all great books, Skyfishing has great design elements, from the bookcase that looks like a fishing manual to the endpapers that begin with fly designs and ads for reels and ends with drawings of the "city fish" the pair caught, clearly created by a kid with a box of crayons. 

Source: Review Copy

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