Give Me Back MY Book! by Travis Foster and Ethan Long

Give Me Back MY Book! by Ethan Long and Travis Foster is very funny and very fun to read, for book lovers, readers and pre-readers alike! 
Redd (drawn by Travis Foster) is reading a book when Bloo (drawn by Ethan Long) insists that it is HIS BOOK. Redd loves this book with the green cover and refuses to part with it. After all, it has a "hard cover, a nice spine, the pages turn from right to left . . . and, if you are adventurous, from left to right." What's more, there are, "letter on each page and they are gathered together to form words that have meaning when you read them!" The humor of the obvious continues and will not be lost on little listeners who always enjoy a good argument between literary friends.

While Redd and Bloo are arguing, they catch the attention of Bookworm, who leaves her home to snatch the book right out from under them! Returning to her underground home, she dives in, utterly entranced by HER book. . .

Frustrated at first, a light bulb goes on for Redd and Bloo, who decide to make a trick book that they can use to lure their beautiful book with the green cover away from Bookworm. You can probably guess how the story ends, but that doesn't diminish enjoyment at all! And, as with all great silly picture books, there is one final gag at the end, giving readers one final laugh.

Source: Review Copy

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