Hooray for Books! by Brian Won

As someone who loves books, picture books especially, I also know that it's not easy to write a book about books and being a bibliophile. I even created a label, books about books for these rare gems. To this delightful list I add Hooray for Books by Brian Won. With his colorful, crisp illustrations and cheerful cast of animal characters, this marvelous third title in what might be called the HOORAY series is perfect for book lovers of all ages, whether they read or are read to.

After the superb endpapers, Hooray for Books begins with Turtle trying to track down his favorite book. Maybe he loaned it to Zebra? With cheer that will be heard throughout the book, turtle runs off to Zebra's, shouting, "HOORAY FOR BOOKS!" Zebra has read Turtle's book and passed it on, but he suggests Turtle read his two favorite books. This pattern continues with Owl, Giraffe, Elephant and Lion, all the characters from the previous HOORAY books that readers are sure to delight in seeing again.  

The search ends with Lion, a fellow bibliophile with a precarious pile of books, amongst which Turtle finds his. Reunited with his favorite book, Turtle heads off to a quite place to read it not once, but three times. When he returns to his friends, they are sharing their books and discussing them, noting that Turtle would especially like Lion's book. Turtle asks if anyone wants to read his favorite book again - after all, it is about friends!

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Source: Review Copy

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