Motor Mix by Emily Snape & Rilla Alexander

Motor Mix Emergency and Motor Mix Flight are two brilliant mix-and-match boards conceived by Emily Snape and illustrated by Rilla Alexander. Dividing each page into thirds, Motor Mix Emergency and Motor Mix Flight feature a vehicle or craft that can be morphed when text on the left side of the page are flipped. The words begin with, "I am . . ." and the appropriate verb on the top third, an onomatopoetic word in the middle and the place where the vehicle or craft travels on the bottom third. As if making new things that go wasn't enough, it's fun to read the words and the new sentences they can make. Readers will love mixing up space shuttles, blimps, float planes and hot air balloons as well as fire engines, snow plows, tow trucks and rescue boats in Motor Mix Emergency and Motor Mix Flight!

Source: Review Copy

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