Builda Block by Christopher Franceschellin and Peskimo

I absolutely adore the chunky BLOCK series of board books by Christopher Franceschelli and the design team Peskimo. The illustrations are a little bit retro with beautiful palettes and the design of the books is always amazing. Every page has a flap to lift or unfold that reveals a new scene or layer to the action on the page. 
BuildaBlock begins with a boy and a girl looking  in a big city through the peek holes in the windows of the walls surrounding a construction site. The text reads, "What's going on here? Can I look too?" From there, the various machinery at the construction site is named, my favorite being the page that reveals the tunnel borer, a flap pulling down to reveal the underground subway tunnel and a fossil even deeper down! The final double page spread reads, "We build it up, we build it down . . . We build, build, build all over town!" with one flap lifting up to display a skyscraper under construction and a flap opening to the right, turning it into a three page spread!

All five BLOCK books are worth buying, but Builda Block is DEFINITELY the book for the little lover of cars and trucks and things that build.


Source: Review Copy

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