Charlie Builds by Bob Bianchini

Charlie Builds by Bob Bianchini is a rhyming homage to the many things that little kids love to build. It's especially nice because, working alongside, playing and watching is his dad. Bianchini begins the book, "This is Charlie and he loves to build a castle with Dad fit for a king, a bridge made of sticks tied together with string. . ."

He goes on to show Charlie building with blocks at Dad's office, creating a fire station out of cardboard boxes at home, an igloo after a snow, a dog house in the backyard and a Lego garage for his toy cars, to name a few. Kids will delight in seeing everyday toys and other things from home in Bianchini's cartoonish illustrations. He ends Charlie Builds with these words, "Charlie will build anything no matter how tall . . . but this is his FAVORITE building of all!" The very sweet illustration shows Charlie and dad inside a blanket and pillow fort, reading a book about buildings. Short, sweet and filled with all the things little kids love to see and do - and also filled with inspiration for their next building project!

Don't miss Charlie Rides, which is filled with all kinds of transportation!

Source: Review Copy

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