Still Stuck by Shinsuke Yoshitake

Still Stuck by Shinsuke Yoshitake is brilliant. I still have powerful memories of being stuck in a shirt in a dressing room and trying to decided when to call for help, when to possibly damage the shirt and when to collapse in a pile, resigned to life entombed in a shirt. Still Stuck captures all of these feelings, along with childhood drive for independence and the power of optimism and imagination in overcoming the diversity of living with a shirt stuck on your upper body...
Knowing that he couldn't have been the first person ever stuck inside a shirt, the narrator begins to imagine the challenges of quenching his thirst and coexisting with his cat. The funniest moments in Still Stuck happen after you turn the page seen below as the narrator imagines finding new friends in similar situations, and reaching new heights (this illustration, with the little boy, shirt around his head, belly button on display, atop a mountain with wildlife staring on is hilarious) as he imagines life stuck in his shirt.
Mom-sense acting up, the narrator is rescued from his predicament, undressed and hauled to the bathroom, bare butt on display, which is sure to get every reader laughing, and bathed. Of course he wants to put his pajamas on himself and I am sure you can only guess what happens next . . . 

A very silly book about a very familiar situation that is met with humor and imagination (rather than toddler-grade anger and frustration.) Still Stuck is marvelously illustrated, a treat to read and the perfect gift for anyone who has ever been stuck!

Source: Review Copy

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