Pick a Pine Tree by Patricia Toht, illustrated by Jarvis

The rhyming, jaunty text of Pick a Pine Tree by Patricia Toht is perfectly paired with the cheerfully cozy, glowing illustrations by Jarvis, giving it the feel of an instant classic that will be pulled off the shelf and read every year at this time.
Pick a Pine Tree beings with a family visit to the tree lot on a snowy day. Once home, the trunk is trimmed and the thirsty tree is given a drink. The "bulging boxes, rusty tins, paper bags," and a wooden case are brought out to that special place. "But wait . . ." Toht urges. "Don't decorate alone! Call some people on the phone. Ask your friends to come and stay - host a decorating day!"

I was already loving Pick a Pine Tree, but this page is what sold it for me. The holidays are about being together, sharing traditions and spreading joy. The friends and family decorate the tree over the course of several pages, culminating in a two page spread that must be turned 90 degrees, showing the magical, marvelous, tall Christmas tree, everyone gathered around it. Toht and Jarvis end Pick a Pine Tree warmly, with this lovely image and greeting.

Source: Review Copy

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