This Story is for You by Greg Pizzoli

Greg Pizzoli's picture books always have a charming sweetness and simplicity to them that is unforgettable, like a good chocolate cupcake, and his newest book, This Story is for You, is no different. A poem-like meditation on connection and kindness and the small moments that make them meaningful, This Story is for You begins with a boy pointing at a girl saying, "This story is for you. You and only you." Reflecting on the things that make his friend unique, the games they play, the songs they make up and the times they will, "write letters to the moon, and stay up as late as we can, and I'll save you the last candy that you really like," what is special about their friendship plays out on the page.

And, like all true friendships, the boy knows that, when his friend takes a trip far away and meets new people and animals, she will be the only one, "just like you." And when they are apart, they won't be lonely, knowing they each have a friend in the world. When they meet again, they will hug and connect like no time has passed because they are friends.

Pizzoli, who has a gift at creating a unique palette in his picture books, begins with primary red, gold and navy blue, bringing in a neon tangerine for the pages when the narrator is imagining his friend exploring the world, returning to the original palette when they are reunited. With its rhythmic pace, This Story is for You is perfect for bedtime reading and cozy laps any time of the day.

Source: Review Copy

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