Los Angeles is . . . written by Elisa Parhad and illustrated by Alexander Vidal

Los Angeles is . . . by Elisa Parhad uses rhyming couplets to travel the city, from the coast to the canyons, LAX to Union Station. Alexander Vidal, illustrator of the board book So Many Feet brings a chunky illustration style and a muted palette that is warm without being baked by the Southern California sun. I grew up in Los Angeles and spent my first two years of college there and Los Angeles is . . . definitely captures the unique, fun, enchanting aspect of the city, even making a drive into downtown look delightful. I especially love the endpapers of Los Angeles is . . ., which shows the eclectic architecture of the (more upscale, to be sure) neighborhoods of the city, day and night. And, for a book with less than 50 words, the author and illustrator do a decent job representing the important contributions that Mexicans and Mexican-Americans have made to the city of Los Angeles and the ways Mexican-Americans continue to shape and influence the character of the city.

Source: Review Copy

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