My Mom is MAGICAL! AND My Dad is AMAZING! by Sabrina & Eunice Moyle

My Mom is Magical and My Dad is Amazing are two deliciously fun board books by sisters Sabrina (author) and Eunice (illustrator) Moyle, two-thirds of the team behind Hello!Lucky, a letterpress greeting card brand with stellar designs. While I was fully prepared to simply adore the illustrations, knowing that the "My Mom/Dad Is..." theme is a bit played out, I was pleasantly surprised by Sabrina's text, which has fresh comparisons that are as sweet and sparkly as the magical creatures standing in for the parental units. And, while I don't mean to play favorites, I found more images from My Mom is Magical than from My Dad is Amazing, I think they are equally magically amazing!

Not only is Mom silly, strong, smart and brave, she is, "Cooler than a disco rockstar!" "Cuddlier than a mountain yak!" and"More magical than a million rainbows!" And, each book ends with a nod to the little people who make us moms and dads: "Kid, you're magical, too!" and, "Kid, you're amazing, too!"

Honestly, I'll take a yeti over a unicorn any day when it comes to cryptids, and I wish I had more images from My Dad is Amazing here. But, just take my word for it - it is equally as awesome as My Mom is Magical. Besides being sweeter than a pile of pancakes and braver than a space explorer, Dad is also, "Cooler than a million popsicles!" and "Tougher than a rhino wrester!" he is, "Funnier than a bunch of underpants!" and, "Sillier than a circus of clowns!" Dad's book, as you will expect, is more cool blues than powerful pinks. Turtles, nerds and squids fill the pages along with bunnies and constellations.

Honestly, just seeing a few pages from My Mom is Magical and My Dad is Amazing should be enough to have you snapping up these books immediately and in multiples - for your own kids and to give as gifts!

Source: Review Copy

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