Copy Cat by Ali Pye

Copy Cat by Ali Pye
Review Copy from Nosy Crow, an imprint of Candlewick Press
Story: Bella wants to be just like Anna and copies everything she does, but Anna doesn't like being copied. Sadly, Bella goes off on her own. Finding a jump rope, Bella starts skipping, practicing until she masters that skill, not realizing that Chloe is watching her. When Chloe says she wishes she could jump rope like Bella, Bella responds, "It's easy! Just copy me!" Soon, Bella, Chloe and Anna are all playing together.
Pictures: Copy Cat is rich with cool blues, greens and pinks with pops of orange and yellow and hot pink. Pye's cats are adorable and boisterous and perfect stand-ins for real kids. The emotional and physical energy of the characters jump off the page.
Why Read? Why Buy?: Read Copy Cat because, if you have ever been around a preschooler or first grader, you know that copying (and tattling) is HUGE. Kids will totally relate to this book AND get the message of the story, which is that we all have different things that we are good at and we can share our talents with others. Buy Copy Cat if you love a marvelously illustrated picture book and/or need to give a gift to a 4 or 5 year old.

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