Door JiHyeon Lee

Door by JiHyeon Lee
Review Copy from Chronicle Books
Story: Like her stunning picture book, Pool, Door is a wordless picture book. Walking through a crowd of disgruntled looking people, a boy finds a key and makes his way to a door that takes him to a magical world where curious, friendly creatures welcome him. A picnic with a family is followed by a walk through a field with a multitude of doors and creatures who are all making their way to a festive outdoor wedding celebration.
Pictures: Lee's illustrations are as magical as her story. Starting with dark tones and grays, the illustrations gradually swell with color as her story unfolds. Along with pointy-nosed red creatures, there are more familiar animals, like bears, elephants and pigs.
Why Read? Why Buy?: Lee's books definitely stand out on the shelves, both for her marvelous illustrations and imaginative storytelling. Read Door because a good book about a door to another world is always a treat. Buy Door because it is  unique, both for being a wordless picture book and for Lee's illustration style. And, Door is a beautifully designed book, from the large trim size to the paper-over-board presentation.

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