The Fish and the Cat by Marianne Dubuc

The Fish and the Cat by Marianne Dubuc
Review Copy from Princeton Architectural Press
Story: A wordless picture book, The Fish and the Cat does what (good) wordless picture books do best - invite curiosity and imagination. After pawing at a fish in a bowl, the fish flies out of the bowl, out the window and the chase is on. Over rooftops, through forests where red birds prove good camouflage for the red fish, and then, into orbit. Returning to Earth, the cat chases the fish until it finds safety and an new home in the ocean.
Pictures: As the name might indicate, Princeton Architectural Press focuses on architecture and design publishing, with attention to design. I have reviewed a handful of their books in the past and they dedicated to reprinting classic books from decades past as well as featuring authors and illustrators creating out of the ordinary, elegantly creative picture books. Dubuc's book definitely fits this description. Her illustrations are seemingly simple and cartoon-like, but also rich with patterns and designs that add depth to story. My favorite page shows the cat, in pursuit of the fish, gently stepping on stars to catch him. The delicacy and precariousness of the cat's step are captured perfectly. The simple palette of grays, blacks and red for the fish emphasize the story and also leave it open to interpretation.
Why Read? Why Buy?: Read this book because it is out of the ordinary, marvelously illustrated and a great conversation starter - or even a story starter. Buy this book if you appreciate a beautifully designed picture book. From the story to the illustrations to thick pages and covers and trim size, this book is a delight.

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