Earn It! A Moneybunny Book by Cinders McLeod

Earn It! A Moneybunny Book 
by Cinders McLeod
Review Copy from Nancy Paulsen Books
Story: Bun wants to be a singing star. In fact, she very adamantly wants to be RICH AND FAMOUS! Supportive and wise, her mother asks her how she will achieve this, reminding her that, like their garden, most good things take work and time to achieve. Mother Bunny suggests singing lessons and Bun realizes that she will have to work to earn the carrots (money) to pay for these lessons. A fantastic two-page spread shows Bun doing the math on how many carrots and how many jobs she will need. Even though she has her plans set, Bun can't stop thinking about a future in which she is rich and famous as her mother gently lays out the long path - from singing at school concerts to practicing every day to get better to saving money to record a song. "And then I'll be rich and famous?" Bun asks. To this, Mother Bunny replies, "And then you'll know that you earned it! And that feeling may even be as good as being rich and famous...
Pictures: McLeod's illustrations are very cute and filled with energy. The white backgrounds emphasize the characters and, more importantly, the superb story that is being told. 
Why Read? Why Buy?: Earn It! is an accomplishment in the world of kid's books for a few reasons. Not only is this a rare picture book about money, the importance of earning money and the value of working for what you want with determination and patience, this is also a book that subtly addresses a pervasive attitude among kids in this YouTube/Reality TV world of talking heads that it is easy to become rich and famous. Earn It! teaches kids about work, budgets, planning and practicing to get what you want in a way that is not didactic, moralistic or dull. With bold colors and bright characters, McLeod gives us a picture book that is worth every penny! I can't wait to see what she does next!

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