Nothing Can Frighten a Bear by Elizabeth Dale, illustrated by Paula Metcalf

Nothing Can Frighten a Bear 
by Elizabeth Dale, illustrated by Paula Metcalf
Review Copy from Nosy Crow
Story: With wonderful rhymes, Dale tells the story of the Bear family, who are all tucked in for the night. But Baby Bear just can't fall asleep. He's sure he hears a monster. Together, the family of five head out into the forest to show Baby Bear there is nothing scary out there, since nothing can scare a bear. Deers, frogs, crows and a swamp startle but ultimately don't scare the Bear family, although their family seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Realizing they've lost most of the family, Daddy Bear and Baby Bear are startled - maybe even scared - by a fierce sight that turns out to be the missing family members. They all head home and tuck into bed when . . . something wakes Baby Bear again! This time, it's the sound of his own snore.
Pictures: Metcalf's illustrations are fantastic. From the cozy cave where the bears are tucked into bed to the nighttime forest filled with not-so-scary creatures, there is a comfortable playfulness that is filled with details. The cool, blue palette maintains the nighttime feel throughout and, even with the bumps and surprises, I have no doubt this book will lull little listeners to sleep at bedtime.
Why Read? Why Buy?: Read this book because it is a ton of fun. It's rare to find a well written, rhyming picture book, especially one that is so much fun to read and perfect for bedtime. For that alone, I would buy this book. But, the illustrations are completely engaging. The Bear family is up for adventure and clearly loves each other and the forest at night is out of the ordinary.

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