Duck Gets a Job by Sonny Ross

Duck Gets a Job by Sonny Ross
Review Copy from Templar Publishing
Story: All of Duck's friends have jobs in the city that they NEVER stop talking about so Duck decides to get a job. He reads the want ads and, while most jobs seem boring, he applies anyway. He dresses appropriately and prepares his resume while also deciding how to get there, as "public transportation is tricky for ducks." After a few trials and interviews, Duck lands a job but quickly realizes that, "spreadsheets full of facts and figures did not interest him at all . . ." He quits and, realizing that he always wanted to be an artist. He lands a job drawing and is very happy that he, "decided to follow his dreams." As a character, I enjoy Duck's questioning, drive and occasional anxiety. There are moments when he tells himself to calm down and gives himself a pep talk. And he takes a nap in his cubicle on his one day of work. There is humor in both the story and pictures.
Pictures: Ross's palette and poster-like illustration style are unique for kid's books and there is definitely a (pleasant) whiff of hip in Duck Gets a Job. The illustrations appear flat, but have a lot of action and detail going on. You'll enjoy poring over the pages, taking everything in.
Why Buy? Why Read?: Read this book because it is a standout for illustrations and very humorous in story. Buy it if you love out of the ordinary picture books with unique illustrations and a good story about following your bliss, Duck Gets a Job is worth every penny.

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