There's a Tiger in the Garden by Lizzy Stewart

There is a Tiger in the Garden by Lizzy Stewart
Review Copy from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Story: Nora is bored. When her grandma says there is a tiger in the garden, Nora scoffs and tells her she is too old for silly games, but heads outside with her toy giraffe, Jeff, anyway. When dragonflies as big as birds start to whiz past her, a plant tries to eat Jeff and a grouchy polar bear appears, the skeptical Nora is surprised to find herself face to face with a tiger! When Nora asks the tiger if he is real, he counters with the same question, giving her pause. The two head back to grandma's together, talking about, "breakfast, and trampolines, and the grumpy polar bear." They part with a hug and so much to tell grandma.
Pictures: Stewart's illustrations are magnificent. Filled with detail (be sure to check out the toys on the first pages of the book) there is so much to see, especially when Lizzy heads into the garden, which calls to mind a Rousseau painting. With a primitive style, she captures the essences of the animals in the book, making them fierce and friendly at the same time. With her brown bob and stripy socks, Nora is feisty every-girl. The final illustrations of the book, a convert to the power of imaginary play, Nora shows grandma the mermaid in the bathtub!

Why Read? Why Buy?: Read because There's a Tiger in the Garden is a subtle story about the power of creative play. Nora's skepticism makes this book stand out, and makes her meeting with the tiger all the more rewarding. Stewart's writing is conversational and kid-like and her illustrations are fantastic. This is a beautifully illustrated picture book with a great story.

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