Ghost Story Dice, illustrations by Hannah Waldron, by Magma for Laurence King

Ghost Story Dice 
illustrated by Hannah Waldron & 
Review Copy from Laurence King
Nine wooden dice represent a multitude of ghostly, supernatural icons that combine to make spine tingling stories. From bats, a broken down car, and a book of spells to a creaking staircase, a dungeon, a graveyard, to rattling chains, a skull, a storm and zombies - and many more, the possibilities are endless. A special die with icons in red comes into play when when the hypnotic swirl of the "super powers" symbol is rolled. When this happens, the hero of the story can gain the power of invisibility or hypnotism, get a love potion or even the power to shrink baddies, stick baddies to walls or make plants come alive! Each Story Telling Dice set comes with a booklet detailing the Picture List (just in case you aren't sure what is on your die) and Rules, along with suggestions for game play.
There are endless ways to play with the dice, the best of which is that this game can be played alone or with a group. When playing as a group, players can take turns rolling the dice and telling stories or roll the dice and build the story going around the circle. And, you don't have to play with all nine dice, which can feel overwhelming at first. Waldron's icons are crisp and easily identifiable, but it is nice to have the booklet for back up as well. I have used these at school with my students and even the most reluctant and shy engaged with the game. And, if you are fortunate enough to own more than one set of Story Telling Dice, you can mix and match your stories...

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