Story Box: Ghost Story by Ella Bailey

Ghost Story Box: Create Your Own Spooky Tales
Review Copy from Laurence King
If you've read my reviews of Story Box: Create Your Own Fairy Tales and Story Box: Animal Adventure, then you already know how much I - and my students - love them! Twenty double sided puzzle pieces combine to make an eight-foot-long story with a total of forty illustrations to choose from. One starting piece allows for two different story starters, while three pieces allow for six different endings. While I absolutely love fairy tales, I think that Ghost Story Box just might be my favorite, both for its sweetly spooky story lines and Bailey's charming illustrations.
A girl, a boy and a ghost are characters in both story lines. While picnicking with her parents, a girl discovers a ghost family living in a pink house that is about to be torn down! Another potential story features a boy, the ghost, an evil magician and a fun fair. When the ghost and all his friends and family, including his ghost cat, are trapped by the magician, it's up to our heroes to save them. Happy endings all around include gobs of sweets and smiles at the fun fair, ghost and girl pen pals, happy friends reading together at home and everyone taking a spooky roller coaster ride at the fun fair.

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In 2013 I reviewed the Magic & Fairy Tale Dice Laurence King. While these don't exist any more, I hope you'll follow the link to my reviews to see just how cool the Ghost Story Dice, Pirate Adventure Dice and Space Travel Dice are!

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