Scary Bingo, illustrated by Rob Hodgson by Magma for Laurence King

Scary Bingo
illustrations by Rob Hodgson
 magma for Laurence King
Bingo is such a versatile, fantastically fun game that kids and adults love. There are very few kid's games (kid's music and kid's movies) that I enjoy, but bingo is one I can totally get on board with. Especially when it is so marvelously illustrated and magnificently designed, as Scary Bingo and Ocean Bing are. Earlier this year, I reviewed An A to Z of Monsters and Magical Beings by Aidan Onn and Hodgson and was so excited when I learned that Hodgson's monsters and magical creatures also appear in a game. In addition to his playful monsters (who are more kooky than scary) they are given human names that are sure to make players laugh. As a special bonus that kids will love, players draw pieces from the top of the head of a monster box, also created by Hodgson! Adding to the perfect design of this game, instructions for play are printed on the inside of the box (making them almost impossible to lose!) and easy to follow.

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