Aquarium by Cynthia Alonso

Aquarium by Cynthia Alonso
Review Copy from Chronicle Books
Argentinian Alonso's wordless picture book that immediately calls to mind the stunning wordless picture books of Suzy Lee. Aquarium begins with a girl walking home, backpack on, goldfish on her dress and flip-flops on her feet. Crossing a bridge, she stops to gaze into the water and spots a coral-red fish and imagines a joyful swim with his school. When the fish flops onto the bridge, the girl is surprised. Scooping it up, she carries the fish home where she tries to make the perfect aquarium. When her final attempt (a blow-up kiddie pool that, finally, lets her swim with her fish) fails, a four page spread beautifully expresses her dawning realization.

Aquarium is a marvelous book about the realities of being a pet owner that plays out with creativity and imagination. Alonso's illustrations capture the warmth and beauty of nature while also presenting a crisp, retro interior that makes the perfect backdrop for the attempted aquarium of the title. This is definitely a book readers will not forget.

The lovely endpapers from Aquarium & the very cool book case!

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