Ocean Renegades! Journey Through the Paleozoic Era, Earth Before Us, Book 2 by Abby Howard

Ocean Renegades!
Earth Before Us Series, Book 2
Review Copy from Abrams Books
When Ronnie's parents head off on a business trip leaving Ms. Lernin in charge, she thinks she is in for another amazing time travel adventure. Instead, they head off to Ms. Lernin's favorite place in the whole world - the aquarium. Ronnie tries to hide her disappointment, but finally blurts it out - she wants to go back in time and, "see some cool animals!" Ms. Lernin pulls a few banana peels out of the nearest trash can at the aquarium and they are off!
Traveling through the six parts of the Paleozoic era, Ms. Lernin (for some reason, in this second book, she is now "Miss" Lernin...) is determined to show Ronnie that these earliest life forms - from which all modern creatures are descended (there is a brief lesson on evolution) are just as interesting as the dinosaurs. Howard's wonderful illustrations bring this strange, underwater world to life wonderfully. From physical structure, breathing and eating mechanisms and even how a fossil gets made, there is a wealth of information presented in easy to understand text, as long as readers are familiar with scientific words and creature names. After traveling through the entire Paleozoic era (which ended with a mass extinction) the pair return to the aquarium where everything now looks a lot more interesting to Ronnie. With the phenomenal illustrations and fascinating facts, Ocean Renegades! is sure to have this same effect on readers!

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