The Neighbors by Einat Tsarfati, translated from Hebrew by Annette Appel

The Neighbors by Einat Tsarfati
Review Copy from Abrams Kids

With red rain boots, a yellow slicker and a froggy-green umbrella with bulgy eyes in hand, the narrator tells us that she lives in a building that is seven stories tall. As she approaches the entry way, the first of many handmade signs looking for a lost hamster can be seen. In the lobby, where there are more posters and an assortment of mailboxes, each and every one different, she tells us that every floor has a "slightly different door."
Simple in plot, but absolutely, completely entertaining and engaging, the narrator stops on each landing, making note of what makes each door slightly different. With a page turn, the narrator tells us who lives behind the door and a little bit about them. Each two page spread reveals a richly detailed scene with so many things to pore over. Readers with a keen eye will spot the "lost" hamster frolicking behind each and every door.

While the reader may never be sure if the narrator is completely reliable, she does have interesting neighbors. From a family of thieves who love ancient Egyptian artifacts, to an elderly explorer, a family of acrobats, a vampire who is also a costume designer, a pirate and his mermaid wife and a family that celebrates a birthday at least once a week, the scenes behind each door are a delight. Sadly, the narrator tells us that she lives behind the seventh door with her parents, who are "so boring." But she loves them anyway, and they love her.
Tucked in bed in a room filled with items readers will love seeing, the hamster cozy inside one of the narrators boots, final page turn reveals she might not know everything about her parents after all!

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illustrated by Tsarfati!

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