The Snow Lion by Jim Helmore and Richard Jones

The Snow Lion by Jim Helmore and Richard Jones
Review Copy from Peachtree Press
Caro and her mum move to a new house on a hill where the walls are white, the ceiling is white and even the doors are white. She finds lots of places to explore, but she's lonely. Until the Snow Lion appears! They play together all day long, until one day the Snow Lion asks Caro if she has ever tried the slide in the park? She decides to give it a try and there she meets a new friend! The Snow Lion even encourages Caro to go to her new friend's house for a playdate. They play Pirate Spaceship and eat chocolate cake and have a great time.
But when Caro's mum decides to have a painting party and put some color in the house, Caro worries about the Snow Lion - will he still have a home? Caro looks for him everywhere, but the house feels empty. Finally, as it begins to snow, she sees him outside in the garden where he tells her that lions are really happier outside. They hug and promise to see each other again and, in a lovely final illustration, they do.

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