Wolf in the Snow by Matthew Cordell

Wolf in the Snow by Matthew Cordell
Purchased from Books of Wonder in NYC
Winner of the 2018 Caldecott Medal

In this stunning, wordless picture book that feels a bit like Blueberries for Sal meets Little House on the Prairie with a sprinkle of all-things-William Steig, Matthew Cordell tells a timeless story with a powerful message that is especially meaningful in our fractured time. 

A girl leaves a school in a rural neighborhood as snow begins to fall. A wolf pack travels across the plains, a pup falling behind. Huffing and whining, the two come face to snout, eye to eye. While their is fear in their eyes, there is also connection. Together, they wade through the snow, heading toward a distant howl. Reuniting the pup with its mother, the girls struggles on towards lights and barking in the distance, but she is weak. Falling to the ground, the pack of wolves surrounds the girl and begins to howl until the barking gets close. She is found. A beautiful illustration shows a parent lifting her from the ground, smiling, making sure she is o.k. In the background, on a snowy hill, the wolves howls as the mother wolf nuzzles her pup. Ending where it started, the mother, father and child are seen through the window of their home, warm in front of a fire, a small statue of a howling wolf on the mantlepiece.

Long a fan of Matthew Cordell, I have reviewed many of his books and this is my favorite, with Hello! Hello! a close second. Then Trouble Gum. And Another Brother

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