Another by Christian Robinson

another by  Christian Robinson
Review Copy from Simon & Schuster
I have never started a review with a book trailer, but this one just happens to capture the playful joy and pure fun of this wordless picture book - a book that confirms, not that we needed it, the fact that Robinson did name his website perfectly: The Art of Fun.
anothebegins in the dark of night, a girl, peacefully asleep, her cat (with a red collar) nestled on top of her. Opposite the pair, near red toy mouse that is a key part of the story, a portal opens, waking the cat. Through the portal comes an identical (except for the blue collar) black cat who nabs the toy and jumps back through the portal. The girl's cat follows, waking her, and she is not far behind.
Through the portal and into a magical new world, the girl explores this new dimension. The girl and her cat wander up and down Escher-esque stairs, through a room filled with all kinds of kids (at this point, my eye always looks for kids of color, alternately abled kids, kids in hijabs and any other aspects of the diversity that is America and Robinson delivers) playing and across white pages, the cat with the blue collar calling them on. 

At one point, the girl encounters her own alternate (indicated by the blue planet on her alternate's nightgown, as opposed to the red one on her own) and, smiling at each other, her alternate takes the cat toy from the blue collared cat and tosses it to the girl and her red collared cat. Returning home and snuggling into bed, the girl drifts off to sleep, her cat on top of her, happy with the red toy in its paws. The final page reveals the exact same scene, except for one exciting change - a blue cat toy now hides under the girl's bed!

Robinson's illustrations, with his mix of collage, drawing and painting, standout for their uniqueness in the world of kid's books, but also his gift for connecting with with his story and characters. He is highly deserving of, along with author Matt de la Peña, of the Caldecott Honor and Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honor for Last Stop on Market Street, which also won the Newbery. It is deeply gratifying to see that, in his debut as author and illustrator, Robinson delivers an unforgettable, imaginative celebration of a book! 

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